They Really Do Say The Darnedest...

Posted on September 17, 2010
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I was very confused the other day when I heard my little daughter, my sweet little daughter (HA!) Anna talking to her brothers in the basement.  I hear her trying to tell them something and after a moment of pause she says, "Are you talking to me?  I don't see anyone else here, you must be talking to me."  It was an odd moment for me.  She is five years old and quoting one of the last movies you would want a five year old to see.  I was stunned and amused.  I knew there was no way she had seen any scenes from Taxi Driver, but it was still rather odd.  I actually convinced myself that it must have been completely random, that these words just happened to pop into her head without any outside influence.  Like the way you used to hear that if you put a million monkeys in a room with typewriters for a hundred years (or something like that) one of them would end up typing Shakespeare (or something like that).

Of course, one of her brothers told me later that that was actually from the "Squeakual," the incredibly annoying yet endearing Chipmunks movie that was out last year.  Later in the day she kept singing "Hickory Dickory Dock."  Of course myself being of a certain age, and a former delinquent, could only hear the rest of the song play out in the voice of Andrew Dice Clay - another thing I would never want my five year old to hear.

What are the crazy adult things - intentional or not - that your kids have said that have shocked or amused you?

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