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Posted on September 14, 2010
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 You really know fall is here when the trashy TV shows you love to watch come back for another season.  So as Colleen and I said goodbye to TrueBlood (awesome) and Entourage (man that show stinks now) we were happy to be reunited with a show that has been with us ever since we started dating - 90210.   Of course it was called Beverly Hills, 90210 when we started dating and it actually is in some ways what brought us together.  A friend of mine at college was also friends with my wife and her roommates and they would all get together to watch BH90210.  So I started watching with them and 18 years later... (9-02-10 day earlier this fall was actually the 18th anniversary of our first date).

While the reincarnation of the show now aims to be way younger and hipper, and it's funny to think the first version was considered edgy at the time, it's not any better.  A way to mindlessly kill about 42 minutes (if you TiVo your way through the commercials as we do).

So you don't need to waste your time if you don't want to - here's the 60 second re-cap:

Annie & Dixon's parents did split up. We found out dad lives 45 minutes away.  Dixon apparently did sneek off to Australia but came back early when his parents broke up.  No word on if he got in any trouble for fleeing to Australia for the summer with his girlfriend after his dad lost his principal job over covering up that Dixon had helped kids break into the school.

Naomi was indeed attacked by the British sounding teacher that she had falsely accused of harassing her before.  She pretended she spent the summer in the French Riviera but was actually holed up in a Hollywood motel.  She claims her trust fund money will kick back in next week.  Guest spot by Kim Kardashian and one of her sisters who are selling Naomi some of their clothes.  When they won't lend her the clothing until she gets her money she calls Kim a B%&* and then a "ho." That part was funny.  Naomi falls apart when she sees that teacher has stayed on at West Bev even though he was only supposed to be there last year.  She was then part of a PSA spot about rape.  I applaud 90201 for making the effort as the original did to bring real help to these issues - but it's sort of like "Jersey Shore" running PSAs about the great contributions Italian-Americans have made.  If you are watching pure drivel - it's hard to put any credence in what they want you to learn afterwards.

Apparently Annie ignored Liam all summer so she was surprised to learn on the first day of school that he got kicked out of his house and Jaspar burned his boat.  No sign of Jaspar who was last seen getting pummeled by Liam in last year's finale.

Oh - good news for Annie - she confessed and his now on probation until she is 25.  But she can't drive.  No word on what really happened with that accident.  Colleen and I don't believe she really killed him.  We think he was lying in the road, maybe dead already.  Why did they have Teddy see what happened?  Why no closure on this?

If you read up on the show at all, you know that tennis progidy Teddy is supposed to "come out" this year. However, last night it looked like Silver would be the one revealing something to everyone with a super-short hairstyle.  Oh - Teddy wrecked his knee, tennis career probably over.  He went on a bender, but sobered up enough to stop Naomi from the strip-tease she was performing for three guys.  She apparently is going to become super-sexual to overcome how she feels after the teacher incident.  Silver then walks in on her coming on to Teddy who is rebuffing her advances.

Earlier Naomi went to the police but they told her that since she didn't get a rape kit at the time, and since she had falsely accused him before, she would have a tough fight if she pressed charges.

In the most annoying plot-line (of many) Dixon's girlfriend Ivy brought a hunky Johnny Depp look-alike family friend back from Australia.  He is living with Ivy and her mom and sleeping with Ivy's mom while he tries to bed Ivy.

Adrianna finished up her whirlwind summer tour with Javier - she continues to rebuff his advances because she is with Navid (fresh off a quick cameo on TrueBlood - good for you Navid).  Javier promptly tells her that he is kicking her off the tour and that the label has a new girl they are planning to push, that her career is effectively over.  Seconds later they are in a car crash and Javier is killed (good for you Navid!)  Adrianna takes his book of songs he has written and plans to push them as her own.

Oh - and there was an earthquake and the first day of school got cancelled. And Mr. Matthews is somehow still employed at the school despite the season finale where he got drunk, stole a school bus, and then crashed his own car into the West Bev school sign, starting a fire.  Must be one hell of a union.

Did I miss anything?  No sign of any old 90201 cast members.  Jennie Garth told us on the show here a few weeks ago that she won't be back.  You can listen to that interview here.

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